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Pediatrics dermatology, a reference service in IMED Elche

Press Releases | 6 de Julio de 2018
  • IMED Elche Hospital has a dermatology service specialised in pediatrics, headed by Dr. Ximena Calderón Castrat.
  • The doctor has experience in kids haemangiomas treatment and malformations, among other usual pathologies in early age.

For IMED Elche, to bet in the integration of this specialty in the area of dermatology makes possible to avoid delays in clinical diagnosis and prevent errors in  therapy management in a collective that is so sensitive as are children. In this case, doctor Ximena Calderón, point out that “in the same way as in other specialties, kids don’t have to be considered small adults because they have pathologies according to their age and symptoms that are different from adults”.  Among the pathologies in which the doctor has experience in kids haemangioma treatment and malformations, among other pathologies related to early age.

In children, inflammation diseases as atopic dermatitis, infectious as warts or contagious moluscus and contagious pathologies  as escabiosis (scabies) are some of the most usual diseases and that have higher attention index in consultation. For IMED Elche a fast diagnosis and to know how to adapt to specificities  from the children collective is the key to offer a quality medical assistance and being the reference of the area. As doctor Calderón said “thanks to  pediatrics specialty, dermatologists that form IMED Elche service, are  able to approach, diagnose and treat a perspective that is fully adapted to the child and this provide a big value to the service offered in this area”.

In the pediatrics field the group IMED hospitals,  had set a service based in different pillars: a professional team integrated and exclusive; the most advanced and innovating technology for an accurate medicine, and facilities focused in efficiency and personalised assistance.

  • Pediatrics dermatology